Research and Publications

Research and publications by EAIP members

The European Association for Integrative Psychotherapy is committed to fostering research among its member organisations and is a major sponsor of the European Journal for Qualitative Research in Psychotherapy ( A number of EAIP members are involved in the publication of this journal.


The following is a list of some of the publications of EAIP members:

  • Gilbert M & Evans K (2000) Psychotherapy Supervision: An Integrative-Relational Approach. Open University Press
  • Evans K & Gilbert M (2005) An Introduction to Integrative Psychotherapy. Palgrave-MacMillan.
  • Finlay, L and Evans, K (2009) Relational Centred Research for Pychotherapists:exploring meanings and experience. Wiley-Blackwell.
  • Gilbert, M and Orlans, V (2011) Integrative Therapy: 100 key points and techniques, Routledge
  • Gilbert, M and Evans, K   An Integrative Approach to the Psychotherapy Relationship: Therapeutic Challenges and Successes in Charura, D and Paul, S ( 2014) The Therapeutic Relationship Handbook: Theory and Practice, McGraw Hill Open University Press.
  • Finlay, L and  Evans, K (2014) An Invitation to Engage in Relational-Centred Phenomenological Research, in Brownhill, P and Roubal, J (Eds) Towards a Research Tradition in Gestalt Therapy.
  • Ostaszewska A. (2015) Psychoterapia integratywna w podejściu chrześcijańskim. Gdańsk: GWP
  • Van den Bosch  B. and Vleugels H. (2008) Veranderende Denkbeelden in de psychotherapie – Interactionele Vormgeving in actie (Changing perceptions in psychotherapy – Conceptual Interaction in action). Standaard Uitgeverij.
  • Drobot Loredana I & Popescu O (2013) – Manual de psihoterapie integrativa (Integrative Psychotherapy Textbook), Bucharest, ed. Didactica si Pedagogica, 2013 (in Romanian)
  • Drobot Loredana Ileana (2011) – An Integrative Model of Psychotherapy, London, Dolman-Scott.
  • Chiriac, G. (2010) Raspunsuri terapeutice pentru fiecare zi
  • Evans, K. and Gilbert, M. (2011) – Supervizarea in psihoterapie
  • Finlay, L. and Evans, K. (2011) Cercetarea pentru psihoterapeuti . Abordare terapeutica centrata pe relatie Explorarea intelesurilor si a experientei
  • Evans, K. and Gilbert, M. (2010) – Introducere in psihoterapia integrativa. Un model relational integrativ al psihoterapiei
  • Gilbert, M. and Orlans, V. (2013) Psihoterapie Integrativa : 100 puncte cheie si tehnici
  • Finlay, L. (2015) Relational Integrative Psychotherapy. Engaging Process and Theory in Practice
  • Žvelc Gregor  (2011). Razvojne teorije v psihoterapiji. Integrativni model medosebnih odnosov. [Developmental theories in psychotherapy. Integrative model of interpersonal relationship]. Ljubljana: Založba IPSA.

Other recommended literature about Integrative Psychotherapy

  • Erskine R and Moursund J (1988) Integrative Psychotherapy In Action. Gestalt Publication.
  • Erskine R and Moursund J (2004) The Art and Science of Relationship.Thomson Publication.
  • Erskine R and Moursund J and Trautmann R (1999) Beyond Empathy. Routledge Publication.
  • Erskine R  (1997) Theories and Methods of an Integrative Transactional Analysis – A Volume of Selected Articles. TA Press Publication.
  • dr. Colijn S, drs. Snijders J.A. and dr. Trijsburg R.W. (red.) Leerboek Integratieve Psychotherapie (Manual Integrative Psychotherapy),  de Tijdstroom, Utrecht, ISBN 90 5898 033 2
  • F. Verheij (red.) et al Integratieve Kinder- en Jeugdpsychotherapie (Integrative psychotherapy for children and young people). Koninklijke Van Gorcum, ISBN 90 232 4099 5.
  • Norcross J and , Goldfried M  Handbook Psychotherapy Integration. Oxford University Press, ISBN 13 978 0 19 516579 1
  • Visch, Charlotte (2006) Hebben jullie het over mij? (Are you talking about me?) Janus Korczak Stiching, Nederland.ISBN10 905263954X ISBN13 9789052639543
  • Visch, Charlotte (2012) Angstwegwijzer (Translated: Basic assumptions of the Integrative Child Therapy. How to treat children with fear: suggestions for educators and therapists). 24Media uitgeverij, Nederland. ISBN10 9079603236, ISBN13 9789079603237.
  • Visch, Charlotte (2012) De sleutel tot je kind (The key to your child). 24Media uitgeverij, Nederland. ISBN10 9079603031, ISBN13 9789079603039.
  • Visch, Charlotte (2013) Gelukkige kinderen in een gelukkige klas (Happy children in a happy class). 24Media uitgeverij, Nederland.ISBN10 9079603244, ISBN13 9789079603244.
  • Visch, Charlotte (2013) Kofferkinderen (Suitcase children). 24Media uitgeverij, Nederland.
    ISBN10 9079603252 ISBN13 9789079603251
  • Walsh, M.P. (2015) – Traind in urma unei morti
  • Walsh, M.P (2015) – Cum sa iti ajuti copilul să treacă prin doliu
  • Rivett , M. and Street, E. (2015) Terapia centrata pe familie  – 100 de puncte-cheie
  • Wilkins, P. (2015) – Terapia centrata pe persoana – 100 de puncte-cheie
  • Widdowson, M. (2015) – Analiza tranzactionala – 100 de puncte – cheie